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Protecting Your Family

Posted by administrator on October 8th, 2015
The FBI website has published national data on crime statistics. Their data is a little behind (right now they have completed their analysis of 2012), but it is very telling. Every 26 seconds a violent crime occurs in the United States. This includes Murder, Rape, Robbery and Assault. Futhremore, every ...
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Home Invasion Statistics

Posted by administrator on October 7th, 2015
We found some interesting statistics regarding home invasions from the University of North Carolina. Here are the statistics:

-60% of home invasions are forced entry (breaking something to enter)
-28% of the time, someone is home when the entry happens!
-Average cost of stolen items is $2185
-Only 13% are ...
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Economic Benefits of Bullet Proof Film

Posted by administrator on October 5th, 2015
The primary use of bullet proof window film is to reinforce existing building and car windows to be able to resist the impact of outside projectiles such as a bullet. Now, we've received quotations from many bullet proof glass providers and have found that their bullet proof glass ranges ...
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One Application

Posted by administrator on October 4th, 2015
The recent shooting at the community college at Umpqua Community College is a harsh reminder of the potential danger that we can face in the world each and every day. It is not uncommon for schools, or other institutions to have a outside threat working its way into the depths ...
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Posted by administrator on October 2nd, 2015
It's amazing how people's skepticism interferes with their ability to reason. Recently we have performed a number of tests showing how our security film and bullet proof film can stop outside threats, burglars and even bullets. Now, to be clear, applying 1 layer of our patented bullet proof ...
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