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Uses for Bullet Resistant Film

Our bullet resistant film can be applied to any glass surface, it goes on easily and smoothly. We offer a range of film thickness that is rated at different impact resistance. You can choose the protection you need from a simple smash and grab, to bulletproof. **Note: The film is not bullet proof itself. The glass stops bullets when the film is applied to 1/2 inch glass or thicker.

We sell our bullet resistant film by the roll, to keep your prices down and we offer a range of thickness. All our films are clear and don’t obscure vision.

No matter what thickness you choose all our films are easy to apply, resist scratches and block UV rays from the sun.


When applied to your car windows, our bullet resistant film is lightweight but still protects you from car theft, riots, and natural disasters. Perfectly transparent, and lightweight. **NOTE: We do not currently sell this automotive product to the general public. Please contact us to get pricing on us applying this to your windows.**. Read More...


Glass is an important part of every building, but it’s also the weakest point, as well as the most dangerous shrapnel in a disaster. Our film can withstand major impacts, preventing glass from causing harm to anyone behind the glass. Read More...


When hurricane and tornado season comes around, they bring a high price tag in damage with them. Our impact resistant film can help glass withstand minor damage and keeps your windows intact during the worst disasters. Read More...


We offer our film in bulk at the most affordable rates online, saving you money when you have a large amount of glass in your buildings. Our film is strong enough to withstand shock waves from direct blasts and explosions. 

**Please note that that bullet resistance capacity of bullet proof film or any kind of ballistic film of glass is greatly dependent upon the thickness of glass. The thicker the glass, the more bullet resistant it will become. Since the majority of our customers apply the film on building windows, all of our bullet proof ratings are with 1/2 inch building glass that is annealed and typically thicker or multi pane. As a result, it is possible that applying bullet proof film to an automobile window will NOT result in a bullet proof barrier and CJ Buffer, Inc has not performed tests using tempered automotive glass.