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Economic Benefits of Bullet Proof Film

Posted by Test Testerson on Monday, October 5th, 2015

The primary use of bullet proof window film is to reinforce existing building and car windows to be able to resist the impact of outside projectiles such as a bullet. Now, we've received quotations from many bullet proof glass providers and have found that their bullet proof glass ranges in cost, but averages out to approximately $100 / square foot of window. Now, take a typical elementary school. It has roughly 3,000 square foot of window. That means that it would cost a school district approximately $300,000 / school just to armor the windows! Now take CJ Buffer's Bullet Proof Window Film in comparison. It costs approximately $4 / square foot of window. Furthermore, a maintenance crew can install the window film in sections, when they have down time. As a result, you  can armor an elementary school with our bullet proof film for a cost of approximately $12,000! Now, we can think of alot of things a school could do with an extra $288,000 such as installing protective door stops, locks, cameras and even armed guards for that matter. So the next time you consider protecting a building and think that you need to spend a bunch of money on bullet proof window glass. You might want to reconsider the costs of using our ballistic film instead.