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Posted by Test Testerson on Friday, October 2nd, 2015

It's amazing how people's skepticism interferes with their ability to reason. Recently we have performed a number of tests showing how our security film and bullet proof film can stop outside threats, burglars and even bullets. Now, to be clear, applying 1 layer of our patented bullet proof film on a building window will indeed stop several bullets and will dramatically increase the strength of a window. Some skeptics will point out that our bullet proof film will not stand up to the same caliber of bullet that bullet proof windows will. That may be true, but in our mind, they are different applications all together. Our film is much more practical, cost effective, and realistic than any bullet proof window. 

Now to protect the president of the united states, the presidential limo has been equipped with bullet proof windows that are 4 inches thick! Yes, that is going to work much better than applying our ballistic film to a car window. But, it is probably 80 times the cost. Existing building owners typically don't have the budget to spend millions of dollars to modify their buildings to have bullet proof glass when they could spend a few thousand dollars on film that will likely stop an assailant just as well, and give people enough time to get to safety before an assailant gets through a window. Timing, cost, practicality and common sense dramatically tilt the scales to CJ Buffer bullet proof film being the clear winner in this contest. 

To see an example of our bullet proof film performance click here.