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100 Schools Protected!

Posted by administrator on September 30th, 2015
Over the years, we've all gained an appreciation for the security of our schools. While most of us here have families and children that attend schools, we are sensitive to the vulnerability of school shootings, violence, break-ins and burglary. Next to an open door, windows are the biggest vulnerability ...
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Bullet Proof Film

Posted by administrator on September 29th, 2015
Check out our new demonstrational video that shows how our bullet proof film will withstand 9mm, S&W 40, and 38 special rounds. Whether you want to protect a school, store, building, or home, our ballistic film applied to 1/2" building glass will stop those rounds protecting whatever is ...
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Bullet Proof Film Installation

Posted by administrator on July 23rd, 2015
We have received a lot of requests from customers asking about a new installation guide with instructional video on how to install our heavy duty, high strength, bullet proof and security film to windows. We responded by having 2 of our office employees, who have never installed window security film ...
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Welcome to CJ Buffer

Posted by administrator on July 13th, 2015
We are excited to announce that our website has been redesigned. We hope that our new website can be a tool for you to better understand what window security film products will fit your needs. We will constantly be updating our resources for you to have more support in the ...
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