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Protection from Natural Disasters

Hurricane Resistant Glass for Your Home
When natural disasters hit, there is not always very much time to prepare. Your windows are the last thing you want to be worried about at that time. Keep your family and home safe from the elements with bulletproof film.

Bulletproof film is one of the most cost effective solutions to protect the windows in your home from hurricane winds, tornados, earth quakes, and more. As the elements apply pressures to your windows, the film holds the glass together making it more shatter resistant and durable than glass or plexiglass. 

Although we cannot advertise that CJ Buffer window film will make your windows hurricane-proof, earthquake proof, or completely safe from the elements, these films do offer significant protection to your windows. Depending on the severity of the natural disaster (and a number of other factors including type of glass, window framing, etc.), even after your windows have broken, the film will help prevent injury from shards of broken glass and keep the glass from falling out of the window.

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