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Protecting Your Home from the Sun

protecting your home from the sun

Start saving energy, let the light in, and stop the sun from damaging your furniture.

The sun can cause irreversible damage to your home furnishings, wood, and even artwork when harmful UV rays make their way in through your windows. With the rising cost of energy, it can take some extra efforts to keep your home a decent temperature. One of the great benefits of our residential window film is the valuable layer of protection it gives from the sun’s rays.

How it works:

When direct sunlight hits your windows, solar radiation goes 3 ways: some of the radiation is reflected, another portion is absorbed by the glass, and the rest is transmitted directly through the glass. Our window film helps prevent the radiation from being transmitted through the glass, protecting your home and family.

Save energy costs in your home with our window film, keep your windows open more and let the light in.

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