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Our CJ Buffer 21 mil film is our thickest film. It offers protection from high performance weapons’ impact, explosions, and Natural Disasters.

This Product is a 72" x 100" roll (600 sq. feet)  This is usually limited stock - please call for availability.
If you don’t need this heavy of protection, view our thinner 18 or 12 mils film. Orders usually ship within 7 business days.

CJBU-21: 21 mils (0.021 inches)(0.5334 mm )(533.4 microns)

*6' x 100' - Full Roll*

Note: 6ft x 10ft dimensions are for orders within United States, Canada, Puerto Rico Only.

*Orders from  OTHER Countries require a minimum of one full roll of film.


  • Colleges and school buildings

  • Government office buildings.

  • Public places and arenas

  • Airport buildings

  • Hospital buildings

  • Shopping malls and crowded areas.

  • Exhibition floors

  • Vehicles and VIP protection.

  • High crime or terrorism targeted area.

  • Violent Storm and Hurricanes prone areas.

  • Earthquake and flooding neighborhood protection

  • Bank, Jewelry Store buildings

  • Private buildings and homes

  • Public marketplaces

  • Resorts, Villa and Garden Houses.

  • Kindergarten buildings

  • Condominium or high rise buildings

Disclaimer: Purchase of security film packages are non-refundable unless retained in original package. Discrepancies relating to product damage during shipment will be considered for replacement after due examination. Product rejected due to initial test failures, dislike, or change of mind after product has been shipped to buyer address will not be refunded. While CJ Buffer window films are manufactured with the highest protective materials, you must not engage a human being or a live animal during a test of our security products. CJ Buffer and associates and partners are not liable for negligence or failure to follow safety precautionary measures during installation, testing, and use of our security film products.

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